4D Combat affiliate instructor programme to launch this weekend

We’re delighted to be launching our 4D Combat affiliate instructor programme this weekend.

This programme is aimed at those who want to teach 4D Combat classes at their club or open a 4D Combat club.

This is a special opportunity for me to share my 50+ years of hard earned knowledge but also my unique viewpoint on martial arts. I’ve taught billionaires and rock stars, plumbers and priests. Now I want to share that with you.

When you sign up as a affiliate, you will be assessed for suitability to join our programme - a programme that guarantees long term success.

If you are accepted onto the programme, you’ll be part of the 4D Combat team; a worldwide force.

You'll become a much better martial artist. Up there with the best.

I’ll show you how to give deep, informative and great classes; classes that are fun and crowded.

I’ll share business ideas and methods with you that will give you a solid income. The income you deserve.

You’ll be part of a team, making your own contribution but realising that where possible the team is there to support you too.

Most importantly, we’ll have fun along the way

We’re building a community of top people. Let’s get started...

To register interest and start your 4D Combat journey, please contact jeff@fightshack.club.


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