Just saying Hi.

Just a quick note to say hi to all the new subscribers. Thanks for joining the tribe.

I hope you find the site really helpful. We're doing lots of changes and improvements all aimed at making you better, and helping you on your journey.

On that front I've been very busy launching a few big products along with the creative team. Our Sparring Masterclass is out now and getting great reviews, strangely it's guys who've done 20 or 30 years of training that have bought it mainly. So I take that as a vote of confidence. Get it here. The ideal treat for now or for Christmas.


We're just finishing the first in my World Class series where we take each combat tool and show you ways to make them World Class. The first book is on developing a World Class Jab. One of the most important weapons in any fight. It'll be out in November and is guaranteed to help you on the way to being awesome and have fun along the way. I'll be doing a special offer for those of you who are subscribed and will let you know soon.

Re your personal training and well being. Let me know what you need in these strange times and I'll endeavour to help. What do you want? and need:

Solo training, as it's hard to find a safe partner now,

Conditioning workouts,

Short ten minute sessions that you can fit into any day, or stack into a complete workout. Empty hands, stick fighting. Let me know and we can try to help.

Stay well. Bob

ps the clip is from my Sparring Masterclass pack here seen with Neil McLeod one of my senior black belts and a full instructor under both myself and Guru Dan Inosanto. He's definitely one of the Worlds best martial artists across many disciplines.