"The day I stepped onto the dojo was the best decision I ever made" - Husna Nessa

For the past seven years I have been privileged to train under Guro Bob Breen in Jeet Kune Do and words alone can never describe his greatness.

I will say as one of his current black belts, it truly has been an enlightening experience and the day I stepped onto the dojo as a shy and apprehensive student to begin my martial arts career was - and still is - the best decision I ever made.

I remember being blown away by his technical knowledge and high calibre of teaching and even to this day, I am still learning.

Just when you think you have uncovered and mastered a technique, that is when Guro Bob makes you realise it is just the beginning stages of grasping how a technique really works.

The great thing about learning under Guro Bob is I began to understand that martial arts is more than just about physical metamorphosis, it is also combined with the spiritual and mental development which is essential to be the best.

Not only has he given me the confidence to flourish in Jeet Kune Do, but he has supported me on my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu path where I hold a blue belt and I have recently started to compete in that field.

Guro Bob is an amazing person and a warrior; it is an honour to have such talent in our midst.

Husna Nessa

Breen Academy Black Belt