"Training with Bob for many is a bucket list item on their martial arts journey" - Jeff Bleathman

A decision to try an ‘Introduction Course’ at the famous old Bob Breen Academy in Hoxton Square turned out to be life changing. Meeting Guro Bob Breen and becoming part of the team has been a truly enriching experience both as a martial artist and a person. Bob is an inspirational coach and true friend, who wants you to succeed.

Training with Bob has always been cutting edge, developing strong fundamentals and testing them everywhere. Those early days were a fabulous blend of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kali and grappling… throwing everything into the JKD mix.

Returning after a seven year gap was a revelation though with Bob’s 4D Combat system elevating functional JKD Kali to a new level.

Training with Bob Breen for many is a bucket list item on their martial arts journey. We are lucky enough to be around at a time when we still have this authentic modern master making his knowledge available and with modern technology making it easy to get the most from this experience.

Bob continues to embrace the JKD concept. At the forefront of much of the innovation of UK martial arts, he has focused on the ‘daily decrease’. The result is a wonderful sweet spot where art meets functionality.

I can’t recommend training the 4D Combat system highly enough. If there were 6 stars available it would get them.

As a student, it has improved my game and understanding immeasurably; as a coach, it has been even better, allowing me to teach proper functional skills, build confidence in my coaching and make people feel better about themselves.

It all started with a single decision to take action... jump on board and change your life!

Jeff Bleathman

Fight shack


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