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This grading syllabus covers levels 1-5 in 4D Combat. The concepts and techniques are derived from both Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali. Two of the most amazing martial arts.  Most of the core concepts of 4D are covered in these beginning levels so it's important to get them down. It's all about first things first and keeping it simple.  Then later success is guaranteed. Take your time, and concentrate on good balance, great body mechanics, and an attacking focus. Good luck. 


Bob Breen

My name is Bob Breen, and I’m honoured to be considered the Godfather of JKD and Kali in the Europe.

My journey in martial arts has covered over 50 years, and just about every discipline you can think of. These are the areas that I'm best known for. 

-One of the first Karate Black belts in the UK
-Captained the English Karate team
-Pioneered JKD and Filipino Martial arts in Europe,
-Full instructor under Dan Inosanto
-Founder member of WEKAF (World Eskrima, Kali, Arnis Federation)
-Captain and coach of 1989 World Championship British Eskrima team
-Coach of 1992 British Eskrima team
-Instructor to many World champions and many of Britain’s leading instructors

Throughout my journey, I've always looked to perfect my skills and find the most effective way of fighting. Consequently, I’ve always been near the cutting edge of martial arts development in the UK. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the 4D combat grading syllabus

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 1 White

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 2 Light grey

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 3 Dark grey

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 4 yellow

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 5 Dark yellow

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 6 Jun Fan

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 7 Boxing _ Panantukan

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 8 Thai Boxing

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 9 Kali

    • 4D Syllabus 2020 Level 10 4D and JKD

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • Where to go now.

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